RAIN4SALE - Rwanda



Accessing to safe source water in a financially sustainable manner by selling stored rainwater through entrepreneurs

Decreasing water availability in towns and increasing cost of effert incured by poor section of society to access water particulary women

The innovation is to work with local entrepreneurs financially incentives and involving MFIs for the sustainable financially services


The R4$ concept tests the business case for selling stored (rain)water by local entrepreneurs and/or community cooperatives in Rwanda. The starting capital which is required, is part of a loan to the entrepreneurs or community cooperatives to set up the initial business. They don't receive the loan in cash but in the form of a RWH system built by experts (to ensure quality) from ANA. In addition to the loan, the entrepreneurs or This loan has to be paid back according to a number of predefined conditions set during the inception/selection phase after further understanding the capacities of the entrepreneurs’ and their areas of operation; loan repayments will be used by the MFI to give new loans following terms and conditions determined by the project community cooperatives received training on business management and maintenance of the system and will be continued  to be refreshed throughout the project end.

First flush,filtration,water treatment system installed and entrepreneurs receive training on guaranteeing and monitoring water quality