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Who we are ?

ANA Rwanda is a non-governmental organization that aims at protecting nature, resolving ecological problems, fighting the numerous threats that affect the environment and improving people’s life condition

More about our projects

Rwanda - Country Background.

In Rwanda and many Sub-Saharan Countries, the natural resource is increasingly under pressure from unsustainable management of environment. We cannot afford to lose our natural heritage though environment degradation. Our future generations depend on the sustainable use of environmental resource conservation and improved management of pollutants, soil erosion, deforestation and general degradation of national resources. The population density has increased from 321 persons per sq.km in 2002 to 416 in 2012 at national level; the highest in the East African Region and quite high compared with other countries globally

This population pressure is the main challenges for deforestation and extermination of natural resources; this raises the strategic program. The Government of Rwanda put in place measures and policies to safeguard our environment while realized economic growth. Achievement of national sustainable development goals, supporting poverty reduction initiative and require integrating principal stakeholders for their contribution of towards the role of environment in development by providing reliable information base and capacity for environment protection.

Climate change is a major problem caused by the increase of human activities leading to several direct and indirect impacts on health. The combustion of fossil fuels, increasing number of industries, and large-scale deforestation are some of the causes for the accumulation of GHGs (greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere. According to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), an increase in carbon dioxide and other GHGs, like methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons, in the atmosphere is expected to increase the average global temperature by 1.5 ° C to 4.5 ° C. This in turn will lead to changes in rainfall and snowfall, more intense or frequent droughts, floods, and storms, as well as a rise in sea level. These climatic changes will have wide-ranging harmful effects including increase in heat-related mortality, dehydration, spread of infectious diseases, malnutrition, and damage to public health infrastructure. Thus we should take appropriate measures to stop this climate change.

Association des Amis de la Nature “ANA Rwanda” has initiated and implemented a number of climate change mitigation and adaptation projects but the problem remains thorny.So, we are inviting all generous people to contribute for the best future generation.

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